Combat Pistol - MP Firearms Qualification Course

Functional ProponentG-3
Technical POCMarcus Searles
COS ManagerJerry Haley
Category Code(s)17822


This range is a dual purpose facility. Its primary purpose, CPQC, is to train and test soldiers on the skills necessary to detect, identify, engage and defeat stationary personnel targets in a tactical array. The secondary purpose, MPQC, is to provide realistic and effective Military Police (MP) marksmanship training. The MP engages single targets at various ranges using the standard service weapon. The MPQC requires the firer to fire from 7, 15, 25, and 35 meters at a stationary silhouette.

The complex satisfies the training and qualification requirements of the 9mm, .38 caliber, and .45 caliber pistols. Combat Pistol training is conducted from the CPQC firing line and along foot trails that extends 20 meters downrange from CPQC firing point. MP training is conducted from the MPQC baseline and the foot trail. The range consists of 15 lanes, each 38 meters long with a uniform width of 8 meters. All lanes are identical. The baseline of the range is the MPQC firing line. The CPQC firing line is 8 meters down range of the MPQC firing line. The firing positions (trail) should be slightly elevated to provide a better vantage point for the firer and to improve drainage. SITs are located at 10, 13, 16, 17, 23, 27, and 31 meters from the CPQC firing line. Ascending slope emplacements must be used where access trail and moving engagements are required. The MPQC silhouettes are placed in target boots for easy removal, and are located adjacent to the 27m Stationary Infantry Targets (SIT). All CPQC targets are fully automated and the event specific target scenario is computer driven and scored from the range operations center. The range operating system is fully capable of providing immediate performance feedback to the participants using the CPQC. MPQC silhouettes are non-automated and is manually scored.


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