Live Fire Exercise Shoothouse

Functional ProponentG3
Technical POCMarcus Searles, Bob Hasse
COS ManagerJerry Haley
Category Code(s)17879


The LFSH provides the Commander with a facility to train and evaluate the unit during a live fire exercise. Units are trained and evaluated on their ability to move tactically (enter and clear a room; enter and clear a building), engage targets, conduct breaches and practice target discrimination. The Shoothouse is intended to support blank fire, Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement system/Tactical Engagement System (MILES/TES), Special Effects Small-Arms Marking System (SESAMS), and installation approved small arms service ammunitions. The standard shoothouse includes a minimum net training space of approximately 158 square meters (1700sf). The actual size of the facility depends on the thickness of the bullet absorbing material chosen for the walls. The gross area of the shoothouse should be kept to a maximum of 232 square meters (2500sf). The shoothouse cover should be kept to a maximum of 418 square meters (4500sf). The shoothouse must be designed to accommodate the types of mechanical and explosive breaching techniques that will be used. The layout of the rooms may be changed from the standard in order to support a units particular training tasks. The shoothouse must provide a means of stopping and containing rounds exiting through the exterior doors and blow holes in the shoothouse. This may be done using additional bullet absorbing wall material, earth berms, or other method.


No variations for this facility standard design.


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