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Modified Record Fire Range

Functional ProponentG3
Technical POCMarcus Searles, Bob Hasse
COS ManagerJerry Haley
Category Code(s)17806


The MRF range is used to train and test individual soldiers on the skills necessary to identify, engage, and defeat stationary infantry targets for day/night qualification requirements with the M16 and M4 rifles. This range combines the capabilities of 17803 Automated Field Fire (AFF), 17805 Automated Record Fire (ARF), and the 17808 Automated Night Fire (ANF) to reduce land and maintenance requirements and increase efficiencies.

The training intent of the MRF range is to meet the Army’s requirement that every soldier assigned a M16 or M4 rifle conduct semiannual qualification with their rifle. During the qualification process, a soldier will be presented 40 targets to detect, identify, and engage. The soldier must successfully engage 23 or more targets to be qualified. The soldier will engage these targets while firing from the fighting position as well as firing in a prone position beside the fighting position. Soldiers who fail to qualify will be retrained and given another attempt to qualify. The MRF range is used by every Army unit assigned the M16 or M4 rifle: Active, Reserve, and National Guard. The range is also used to support the training of United States Military Academy (USMA) and Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) cadets.


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