Urban Assault Course

Urban Assault Course

Functional Proponent:G3
Technical POC: Marcus Searles, Bob Hasse
COS Manager: Bill Stephenson
Category Code(s):17878

Facility Information


The UAC is used to train individual soldiers, squads, and platoons on tasks necessary to operate within a built-up/urban area. It provides squad- or platoon-size units with a facility to train and evaluate urban operations tasks. With the exception of Station 3, Grenadier Gunnery, the UAC is not intended for live-fire training. Station 3, Grenadier Gunnery Trainer, is designed to support 40-mm TP and 5.56-mm service ammunition. The facility contains the following 5 stations:

Targetry in Stations 1, 2, and 4 are reactive targets that require power. An control shed is required at Station 3.



No variations for this facility standard design.


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