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Urban Assault Course

Functional ProponentG3
Technical POCMarcus Searles, Bob Hasse
COS ManagerJerry Haley
Category Code(s)17878


The UAC is used to train individual soldiers, squads, and platoons on tasks necessary to operate within a built-up/urban area. It provides squad- or platoon-size units with a facility to train and evaluate urban operations tasks. With the exception of Station 3, Grenadier Gunnery, the UAC is not intended for live-fire training. Station 3, Grenadier Gunnery Trainer, is designed to support 40-mm TP and 5.56-mm service ammunition. The facility contains the following 5 stations:

  • Station 1 - Individual & Team Trainer
  • Station 2 - Squad & Platoon Trainer
  • Station 3 - Grenadier Gunnery Trainer
  • Station 4 - Urban Offense/Defense Trainer
  • Station 5 - Underground Trainer

Targetry in Stations 1, 2, and 4 are reactive targets that require power. An control shed is required at Station 3.


No variations for this facility standard design.


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