Unmanned Aircraft Systems Hangar

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Hangar

Functional Proponent:DCS, G4
Technical POC: Kathy Prochnow, AIA
COS Manager: Donald Smith
Category Code(s):21115 (11340, 21470, and 44222)

Facility Information


The Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Hangar Army Standard Design (SD) defines a complex of facilities dedicated to operating, maintaining and housing the MQ-1C Gray Eagle aircraft system for the assigned Combat Aviation Brigade.  The SD defines the functional space and equipment requirements required to maintain Gray Eagle aircraft up to unit level maintenance level.  This hangar is to be complete with parts and tool storage space, company headquarters, administrative flight operations and maintenance spaces for the assigned MQ-1C Gray Eagle aircraft.  This hangar type is available for a single assigned company.  Miscellaneous support vehicles and trailers will be stored and maintained at a separate adjacent Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility (TEMF) or Motor Pool.


No variations for facility standard design.


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