Drill Sergeant Barracks

Drill Sergeant Barracks

Functional Proponent:G1
Technical POC: Javier Fano
COS Manager: Matt Milliorn
Category Code(s):72122

Facility Information


Drill Sergeant Barracks (DSBs) are intended for non-commissioned officers being trained as drill sergeants. The accommodations for DSB are deigned similar to Unaccompanied Enlisted Personnel Housing (UEPH). Accordingly these facilities are designed to provide optimal conditions for the well being and readiness of trainers who would train others. All DSB facilities shall meet the DOD minimum for Anti-terrorism Standards. DSB facilities are intended for able-bodies personnel and are not required to be Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) compliant. However, visitors' area, normally located in the ground floor shall be ABA compliant.

DSB's are designed to blend in with the community of other training facilities but are designed to accommodate trainees in apartment-style buildings. The typical unit would be a two-bedroom, one bath configuration, identified as 1+1E module. This allows privacy and provides a shared kitchen and bathroom facility for two trainees. Each occupant is allotted 366 gross square feet in buildings under three stories and 388 gross square feet in buildings higher than three stories. The gross square foot calculation includes dwelling units, common areas, circulation areas (elevators, corridors, foyers, public toilets, stairways) and maintenance areas such as janitor's closet, utility rooms and mechanical equipment rooms. Common areas include visitor's lobby and administration office. The Garrison Commander has the discretion to provide laundry facilities in each module or provide a shared laundry space on each floor. The exterior appearance also is at the discretion of the Garrison Commander and may blend with the other training facility buildings or other living quarters.

Design criteria are in the process of development and currently one facility is in the planning and design stages at Fort Jackson.


There are currently no variations to this facility standard design.


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