Starship Renovation

Starship Renovation

Functional Proponent:G1
Technical POC: Javier Fano
COS Manager: Matt Milliorn
Category Code(s):72181

Facility Information


The Starship facilities are similar in function to Basic Combat Training complexes and house 1,200 soldiers. A Starship will include barrack accommodations, latrines, classrooms and a detached dining facility. The facility is geared towards training soldiers in a self-contained campus where they eat, train and work
together. Apart from sleeping bays, Starship renovations provide laundry facilities on each living floor, classrooms and recreation rooms. Sleeping bays are similar to Basic Training facilities in an open dormitory type configuration. Each wing accommodated 60 to 70 trainees.

Current Starship renovation projects are in progress at Fort Leonard Wood, Fort Benning, Fort Jackson and Fort Sill. Starship Renovations involve extensive interior demolition, removal and disposal of materials that may not be currently approved (such as asbestos, lead-based paint, etc.) and interior re-design to met current standards, while maintaining the structural frame and exterior load-bearing walls. Renovation will also require architectural modification to improve the facade of the renovated building to match the other newer structures on the complex.

Functionally, Starship Renovations meet the same standards as Basic Training Units. As the occupancy is able-bodied soldiers, the building is not required to be Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) complaint. As the Starship Renovation is already a part of an existing complex, it may be integrated with existing Dining (DFAC) and Battalion HQ and Outdoor training facilities. Renovation work will also include upgrading to meet current DOD Anti-terrorism requirements. This would also include re-designing the parking area, access roads and improving the energy efficiency standards to meet LEED Gold standards.


There are currently no variations to this facility standard design.


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