Warriors in Transition Complex

Warriors in Transition Complex

Functional Proponent:G1
Technical POC: Javier Fano
COS Manager: Matt Milliorn
Category Code(s):72112, 14188, 74033

Facility Information


These facilities will provide the best accommodations the Army can build for injured soldiers in gratitude for their service and sacrifice. The WT Complexes include separate WT Barracks, Battalion Headquarters (BnHQ), Company Headquarters (CoHQ), and Soldier Family Assistance Centers (SFAC). All buildings in the WT Complex shall be accessible and in compliance with the Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) Accessibility Standards for Department of Defense Facilities.

The barracks will house single soldiers and is intended to be similar both functionally and technically to apartment type housing in the private sector. The room shall include the following: private sleeping areas, walk-in closets, bathroom, living room, laundry and full service kitchen shall be shared by the room module occupants. The apartment configurations are a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom unit or a 2-bedroomand 1-bathroom unit established on a 50/50 basis throughout the barracks. Each apartment shall have a telephone, TV and internet connection available. Fire alarm system shall include both visual and audible alarms.

The administrative building function (CoHQ) is to provide soldier mission direction and operational needs requirements. A Battalion HQ (BnHQ) is provided when there is a requirement for two or more company headquarters. Headquarters buildings will vary in size from 6,900 Gross Square feet to 11,000 Gross Square feet.

The Soldier Family Assistance Center (SFAC) is to provide a place for staff and volunteers to support with information, guidance, and assistance in solving problems of a personal nature for military personnel and their dependents.


Where possible, the SFAC shall be located adjacent to the hospital/clinic and utilize the same parking lot. Where this is not possible, then all WT facilities should be sited with a “mini-campus” with hospital and medical facilities to outpatient care. The layout and configuration shall be conducive to assisting the soldiers and their families and provide physical, emotional and medical assistance.


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