Installation Specific Paragraph 6


The development of Installation Specific Paragraph 6 templates was done to simplify this large section of the RFP. It simplifies creation of the RFP by:

1.​Reducing the number of sections you need to provide input, and

2.Standardizes many of the sections with pre-determined, Installation Specific instructions.

Each of the Installation Specific Paragraph 6 templates was prepared through the PM for that installation and reviewed by HQ USACE.

Change Request Policy

The PM for an installation is the subject matter expert regarding all USACE activities at the installation.

All change requests, comments, or suggestions regarding the content of an Installation Specific Paragraph 6 template shall be made through the PM for the installation. If the PM concurs, he will forward his recommendations to HQ USACE for review and approval. Only then can the RFP Wizard be changed.

Sending change requests, comments, or suggestions to the RFP Wizard Team concerning the content of the template will only cause a delay in a review of your request. We cannot update template document content without approval from HQ USACE.

However, typos, formatting, or other non-content errors should be reported to the RFP Wizard Team. As long as it does not change the meaning of the content, we will do our best to make corrections as soon as possible.


Page last reviewed: Tuesday, August 14, 2018