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MSC Program Manager:Matthew Milliorn
MSC Technical Lead / Co-Chair:Kirk Williams
HQ USACE Proponent:Edward Citzler
ERDC Liaison:Steve Cosper

About Waste-to-Energy

Waste-to-Energy technologies are vital and integral components of achieving the Department of Defense (DOD) Net Zero Waste and Net Zero Energy goals. Combined with recycling and re-purposing, waste-to-energy systems can help dramatically reduce or eliminate wastes going to landfills. The energy generated from waste streams can also help dramatically reduce fossil fuel based energy consumption. Although the ability of tradition municipal solid waste streams to meet energy needs is limited, tapping into agricultural and forestry waste products can satisfy most, if not all, of an installation's energy needs if the circumstances are right.

The Waste-to-Energy Systems Center of Expertise in Sustainability (WtE CXS) provides USACE resources for quantifying and evaluating waste streams within the vicinity of garrisons for possible energy generation. Evaluation of energy generation from solid and liquid wastes streams are included in the technology focus of the WtE CXS as well as the gas fuels extracted from landfills and liquid and solid waste gasification processes. To achieve this vision, the WtE CXS creates and shares knowledge with USACE, Army and other DOD component personnel, provides assistance to the field, provides continuing education to experts to maintain their expertise, mentor and educate specialists, provides recommendations to DOD research organizations, partners with similar groups in other services/agencies/professional organizations, and coordinates and leverages industry and educational resources outside of DOD.

If you have any questions, please contact POCs listed.

Research & Services

Team members of the SWD RTCX are available to provide support to Project Delivery Teams (PDT) on a reimbursable basis. This support can come in the form of training (see Knowledge Sharing paragraph in the SWD Work Plan), technical consultation on projects (Example: Reviewing garrison waste stream and energy modeling analysis and WtE project construction details), supporting tasks (providing integral project support to PDTs), and design as PDT member (serve as designer of record).

Outreach events - Speaking about Waste Stream Analysis and Waste to Energy at events for government, private industry, and others

Training - Develop and provide training on current and evolving technologies and sustainable strategies

Specifications Development - Assist with specification development on a per-project basis

Project Design - Act as the Designer of Record, providing completed product to be integrated into project Construction Support - Inspections and evaluations of projects in construction

Documentation Review - Provide reviews of design and construction documents


US Energy Information Administration: Biomass Explained (Waste to Energy Municipal Solid Waste)

EPA Waste - Non-Hazardous Waste - Municipal Solid Waste website: Energy Recovery from Waste

Columbia University Waste Map: CU MSW Database

ERC directory of WtE plants: ERC 2010 Directory

Unified Facilities Criteria - Solid Waste Incineration: UFC 3-240-05A

Federal Energy Management Program - Guide to Integrating Renewable Energy into Federal Construction

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