Whole Barracks Renewal

JBLM Whole Barracks Renewal Location: Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM)
Date: FY04
Technology: Low Impact Development, Rainwater Harvesting
POC: Seattle District

reduction in energy costs (LEED)
33.6% reduction in water use
89.5% of construction waste diverted from the landfill

The FY04 Whole Barracks Renewal Project (just one of a series of similar projects) included the construction of a 300 person barracks to house Soldiers. The project design took into careful consideration the impacts that construction would have on the site. A 359,274 gallon rainwater harvesting system was installed to both manage stormwater on site as well as provide irrigation during the summer months, which accounts for a significant reduction in potable water use. Additionally, native and drought resistant plants were selected for the landscaping to further reduce potable water needs. The typical landscape at Fort Lewis includes large areas of turf with very little shrubbery. At the FY04 Barracks project this standard practice has been reversed in order to save on irrigation
requirements and to provide a more varied landscape.

This project is located at (lat/lng): 47.0876093,-122.5720435

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