Soldier Family Assistance Center

Community Emergency Services Station (CESS) Location: Fort Carson, CO
Technology: Ground Source Heat Pumps, Lighting & Daylighting, Low Impact Development
POC: Albuquerque District

reduction in energy costs (LEED)
46.6% reduction in water use
54.5% of construction waste diverted from the landfill

The Soldier Family Assistance Center (SFAC), designed by DLR Group, is the first building completed in Fort Carson’s new Warrior In Transition (WIT) Complex. Fort Carson’s WIT program provides treatment for nearly 500 soldiers, many of whom are recovering from post-traumatic stress disorder and other war wounds. The SFAC is the second facility at Fort Carson to utilize a highly energy-efficient, closed-loop, ground-source heat pump system, which uses 36, 400-foot deep wells that transfer heat to and from the building by circulating water below ground where the Earth’s temperature is constant.

This project is located at (lat/lng): 38.7420537,-104.7944445

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