Medium Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility (TEMF)

Community Emergency Services Station (CESS) Location: Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), WA
Technology: Ground Source Heat PumpsLighting & Daylighting, Solar Thermal
POC: Seattle District

reduction in energy costs (LEED)
54.3% reduction in water use
89.3% of construction waste diverted from the landfill

The TEMF combines a motor-pool for large equipment with supporting administrative and training functions. Several sustainable technologies are showcased in this building. The most innovative is a “Solar Air Heating” system. Often known as “SolarWall”, it’s both a passive cooling and active heating system. It works by capturing the sun’s radiant energy into a column of air trapped in a cavity created within a special metal wall panel. During hot periods of the day it creates a chimney effect and passively channels hot air away from the building. This uses no energy and allows the building to remain cooler than a conventional building. When the building needs to be heated, the captured warm air is mechanically pulled into the HVAC system.

This project is located at (lat/lng): 47.137347,-122.5203524

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