Advanced Modeling Requirements (ECB 2016-3)

Please join us for the Advanced Modeling Requirements (ECB 2016-3) Webinar Presented by Jason Fairchild and Brandon Tobias

In January 2016, Engineering and Construction Bulleting 2016-3 was released which continues the requirements for using of "Building Information Modeling" and "Civil Information Modeling" (BIM, & CIM, respectively) for our projects. Today we will learn the applicability of this criteria, the details of the requirements, as well as strategies for executing them.

Your Host for this series is Eric Mucklow, AIA. We have two presenters to speak with us for this webinar:

- Jason Fairchild, a registered Professional Engineer, is the leader of the CAD/BIM Community of Practice for HQ USACE, and as such is responsible for BIM policy and guidance. He has 25 years of experience with USACE, having proudly supported the Civil Works design construction mission for both the Vicksburg District and the Mississippi Valley Division prior to joining Headquarters in 2011.

- Brandon Tobias is a registered Architect at Q USACE and currently manages the development and implementation of Advanced Modeling initiatives for Military Programs within Engineering & the Construction Division. He has 12 years Federal experience with design, construction, contingency construction and BIM implementation.

The webinar will be available after Tuesday, April 05, 2016

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