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Overview "Retro-Commissioning University" resource for HVAC

Presented By Brian Clark

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Learn how you can get educated in Retro-Commissioning! Topics will include:

  1. A brief overview of the RCx process
  2. Description of the blended approach to learning as applied to RCx
  3. Overview of the RCxU website and main features
  4. Focus on the first of ten RCx skills: HVAC Fundamentals
  5. Psychrometrics example: how online psych chart instruction frees up on-site instructors and provides initial exposure or reach-back to key HVAC/RCx concepts
  6. Timelines and end goals for RCxU completion

Our presenter, Brian Clark , is a CERL Mechanical Engineer focused on RCx, HVAC controls, and energy efficiency research and development projects. Prior to that, Brian served as a DPW engineer at Presidio of Monterey and Fort Irwin Army installations. His work on energy management at Army facilities has contributed to several awards including Secretary of Army Energy and Federal Energy Management Program Awards including multiple publications through PW Digest and was the focus of his Masters in Sustainable Systems Engineering. Brian has also served as a USACE design branch engineer and forward-deployed Army vehicle mechanic.