Using the new Energy & Sustainability Record Card (IAW ECB) 2013-25)

Please join us for the Using the new Energy & Sustainability Record Card (IAW ECB) 2013-25) Webinar Presented by Eric Mucklow

A new Engineering and Construction Bulletin, ECB 2013-25 "Implementation of the Energy & Sustainability Record Card and New DD 1354 Sustainability Codes" was issued 6 SEP 2013. This ECB provides direction and guidance on reporting compliance with multiple policies and mandates related to energy and sustainability as well as provide assistance in determining the proper "Sustainability Code" for new facilities that is a new data field in the latest version of the DD 1354 form documenting compliance with the Guiding Principles. The subject ECB has been posted on the Whole Building Design Guide site at A copy of the reference spreadsheet file is attached within the .pdf file. Click on the paperclip icon on the left of the .pdf if it is not visible. Please take a moment to download these files and explore them prior to the Webinar for the best use of everyone's time.

As indicated in the ECB, E&C is scheduling this webinar to walk through this new reporting process to provide any necessary assistance to the field. The presenter, Eric Mucklow, is the HQUSACE Engineering & Construction Division (CECW-CE) point of contact for content issues, and is available via email at The Headquarters HQUSACE Military Programs Integration Division (CEMP-I) point of contact for routing issues is Ana Ortega, email address

The webinar will be available after Tuesday, December 10, 2013

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