MILCON Transformation (MT) Execution Process

Purpose: This site provides processes that are used to execution Army MILCON projects. The processes are intended to define the roles and responsibilities of the entire team - to achieve successful program and project execution. The processes are built upon the guidance provided in AR 420-1 and rely on the PMBP concepts of teamwork and good communication.

How to Use this Site: The overall MT processes are described in flow charts for the various major phases of project execution (initiation, planning, execution (pre-design, design, advertising/award, construction), closeout). Green buttons link to more detailed dispute resolution or waiver processes.

QMS Documentation: All the corresponding QMS documents for this process can be found at the USACE QMS SharePoint site.  Scroll down the page a little to the "Published QMS Documents by National Process Number" and look under "National Process Number 07000 - Program Specific Processes".   NOTE:  All users will need to be logged in on USACE machines and have CAC capability to access these document.

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