Waiver To Standard Design

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Purpose:  This process describes how the USACE team (GD, COS, MSC, HQ) reviews and approves proposed variances and changes to a facility Standard Design (SD) prior to award. Changes after award are treated as User Requested Changes. Waivers to the SD can be initiated by the Installation or the Geographic District (GD). Changes to the SD can appear to be small or unimportant. However, they can have significant or profound impact on the Army Standard (AS). Proposed variances must be reviewed by the COS and FDT to determine the potential long-range impact to operational and functional capabilities. A lengthy review and approval timeline should be expected.


  • AR 420-1, Army Facilities Management, Appendix G4, page 385


  1. When a need for a variance to a facility Standard Design (SD) is identified, the COS shall be contacted to determine if the change actually requires a waiver, if the deviation is within the approved SD, or if the change impacts the Army Standard (AS). If the COS determines no waiver is required, the changes can be incorporated into the project design without further action. This initial request can be an email request, with sufficient technical information to evaluate the proposal. The request must be sent to the COS Program Manager by the Project Manager at the GD.

  2. When the COS determines a SD waiver is required, they will inform the requestor at the GD, who will prepare a waiver request package. The waiver request shall be prepared using the Waiver Request Template (includes COS Position Statement). The package will be provided to the IMCOM Region to coordinate with the appropriate ACOM. If both parties agree, then the GD will provide the waiver request to the MSC for delivery to the HQ-RIT and MT Program Manager (at HQUSACE). The MT Program Manager will inform and coordinate with the FDT and COS.

  3. The FDT/COS will review all waiver requests and perform a technical evaluation and submit comments and recommendations to the MT Steering Committee (at HQUSACE), who will make a final recommendation to the USACE Director of Military Programs (DMP). The DMP will make final approval of the waiver request.  The formal notification of the final decision will be furnished to the HQ-RIT, who will notify all parties.

Process Owner:  HQUSACE MT Program Manager (Ana Ortega/202-664-4252)
flow chart


Waiver to Std Design Resp Matrix Who? Request Review Coord. Concur Approve
Geographic District Project Manager      
COS COS Pgm Mgr        
Installation DPW        
IMCOM Region      
FDT / COS      
USACE MSC MID Chief      
HQ USACE - RIT Mil Deputy        
USACE MT Steering Comm      
HQ USACE - PID Chief