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Purpose:  This process describes how the total Army team (GD, COS, MSC, HQUSACE, Installation, IMCOM, ACSIM) resolves issues to allow a project to be advertised when the project CWE is over PA.


  • OPORD 2008-21 (FY09 Military Programs Execution)
  • FY08 MCA/UMMCA/AFH/BRAC Execution Guidance Memo, 10 Apr 08
  • FRAGO 16 (FY 08 Mil Pgms Construction CWE/Funds Request Calculation Spreadsheet) to OPORD 2007-20


  1. Once a CWE/PA issue is discovered, PM will notify the MSC (Military Integration Division). The PM will also notify the appropriate installation personnel. Per FRAGO 16, the CWE must contain the total project costs, to include all primary and supporting facilities.

  2. The GD will provide the necessary information to the MSC so that the MSC can complete the activities directed in Appendix A of CEMP-II memorandum dated April 10, 2008. The required steps are summarized below:

    1. MSC must validate that the scope in the solicitation is compliant with the actual scope in the approved DD1391.
    2. MSC must validate that Value Engr study was accomplished and summarize the results.
    3. MSC must confirm that an Independent Tech Review team reviewed the RFP for compliance with model RFP and that a BCOE review was accomplished. Provide CECW-CE-D access to RFP documents for spot checks.
    4. If deviations to the MT principles and/or Model RFP are discovered, MSCs can request CECW-CE-D provide consultation and guidance. All RFPs must comply with MT principles unless an exception is granted (via waiver).
    5. MSC will provide the IGE, basis for IGE and CWE spreadsheet to the RIT. The RIT will coordinate review by CECW-CE. CECW-CE will provide guidance on any adjustments to CWE.

  3. If a CWE/PA issue still exists after completing all of the steps above, the MSC will notify the appropriate IMCOM Region and the RIT and the GD will develop additive bid item or bid options to be included in the solicitation. The GD will coordinate with the Garrison staff and the user. The options must be approved by the IMCOM Regional Director. For mission projects, the IMCOM region must obtain ACOM, ASCC and DRU endorsement prior to their approval. The IMCOM Regional Director will provide e-mail concurrence to the GD. The e-mail should show confirmation of the ACOM, ASCC and DRU endorsement. If concurrence cannot be obtained, go to step 8.

  4. Once the concurrence on options is received, the GD will submit the request for advertising authority to the MSC (MID). This request will contain the CWE spreadsheet, a description of the options and the concurrence from the IMCOM Regional Director. The MSC (MID) will endorse the request to the RIT.

  5. The RIT will confirm all required documentation is contained in the request for advertising authority and submit the request to OACSIM.

  6. If OACSIM approves the bid options, they will issue a Code A in CAPCES with a corresponding e-mail to the RIT with any specific instructions.

  7. The RIT will issue a Code A directive to the GD with directions.

  8. If concurrence among all stakeholders cannot be obtained, the RIT sets up teleconference with stakeholders (IMCOM Region, installation, GD, COS, ACOM (if mission facilities involved) HQ IMCOM and OACSIM) to determine the way ahead and/or additional tasks. The RIT documents the discussion and agreement on how to proceed. OACSIM is the decision maker. This could include granting advertising with a base bid over PA, but within Army’s authorities, but this must be obtained in writing (e-mail is OK) by OACSIM. RIT issues directive to GD with instructions and informs all stakeholders on the decision. Go back to step 4.
Process Owner: HQUSACE PID (Maryann Delaney/202-761-5775)
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Advertising Over PA Resp Matrix Who? Request Review Coord. Concur Approve
Geographic District PM/PDT        
COS COS Pgm Mgr      
Installation DPW      
IMCOM Region Region Director    
HQ IMCOM      
HQ USACE - RIT