Cost Issue Resolution

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Purpose:  This process describes how the total Army team (GD, COS, MSC, HQ, Installation, IMCOM, OACSIM) resolves project cost issues. The overall intent is to reduce the scope of the project to make the project awardable within the PA. After Congressional approval of project DD1391, the scope of a project cannot be increased to meet a new Army Standard.


  • FY08 MCA/UMMCA/AFH/BRAC Execution Guidance Memo, 10 Apr 08
  • OPORD 2008-21 (FY09 Military Programs Execution)


  1. Once a cost issue is discovered (DD1391 PA does not support project requirements or new Army Standard), the GD will notify the installation, COS Program Manager & MSC (Mil Integration Div).

  2. The installation DPW will notify IMCOM-region and requests guidance for project and the MSC will notify the RIT

  3. If request is supported, the IMCOM-region will submit the request to HQIMCOM. If the project is a “mission” project (vice base-ops project), the IMCOM Region will obtain ACOM, ASCC, and DRU concurrence.

  4. HQIMCOM will provide information to OACSIM (DAIM-OD) and requests guidance

  5. Concurrently, the RIT will notify the PID (National Account Manager) of the issue and consults with OACSIM as required.

  6. OACSIM decides how to resolve the cost issue and notifies HQIMCOM and USACE RIT of decision.

  7. RIT notifies PID, MSC & GD of decision. GD notifies the appropriate COS. HQIMCOM notifies IMCOM Region and installation.

  8. The PDT (GD and COS) will analyze impacts to project execution (e.g. RFP, acquisition tools, etc.).
Process Owner:  HQUSACE PID (Maryann Delaney/202-761-5775)
flow chart


Cost Issue Resolution Resp Matrix Who? Request Review Coord. Concur Approve
Geographic District PM/PDT    
COS COS Pgm Mgr      
Installation DPW        
IMCOM Region      
Army Command (ACOM)        
Army Service Component Command (ASCC)        
Direct Reporting Unit (DRU)        
USACE MSC (GD) MID Chief        
HQ IMCOM      
HQ USACE - RIT Mil Deputy        
HQ USACE - PID