Awarding Above PA

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Purpose:  This process describes how the total Army team (GD, COS, MSC, HQ, IMCOM and OACSIM) work to resolve the issue of the project CWE exceeding PA at the point of award. This process assumes proposals received/bids opened.


  • AR-420-1, Chapter 4, Section 4-50
  • Memo dated 20 Mar 2008 from DASA, Reprogramming Criteria and Congressional Notification Requirements for Variation in Scope and Cost for MILCON Projects
  • CEMP-II memo dated 10 Apr 08: Execution Guidance, FY2008 Military Construction
  • MCA, UMMCA, AFHC Reprogramming Requests and Notification of Scope Reduction Actions Guidance Memo, 6 Jun 06 (currently being revised)
  • FRAGO 16 FY 08 (Mil Pgms Construction CWE/Funds Request Calculation Spreadsheet) to OPORD 2007-20


  1. Should an advertised project, or one facility type within a project with multiple facilities, not be awardable within the PA, the GD PM will notify the appropriate installation personnel and the MSC of the situation. The GD PM will update or revise the CWE spreadsheet per instructions in FRAGO 16.

  2. The GD PM will discuss alternatives and obtain agreement from the installation on the proposed way ahead. The GD will forward the courses of action and the recommended way ahead (to include the updated CWE spreadsheet) to the MSC and the installation.

  3. The installation forwards the recommended course of action to the IMCOM Region for review and approval by the IMCOM Region Director. If approved, the IMCOM Region forwards the approval to the HQIMCOM and notifies the installation.

  4. Upon receipt of the alternatives and recommendation from the GD, the MSC will review and forward to the HQ RIT (if the MSC concurs with the proposal). The RIT coordinates a discussion with HQIMCOM and OACSIM to answer questions and facilitate a decision (as needed).

  5. OACSIM provides decision on the way ahead. Typically, one of three alternatives will be selected:

    1. Reduce Scope. This may require contracting actions to amend the solicitation and/or additional negotiations. If scope reduction exceeds 25%, a Congressional notification is required. See Reporting/Approval of Scope & Cost Variations (Authorization).
    2. Award with CWE Exceeding the PA. See Reporting/Approval of Cost Increases (Reprogramming) for process and approval thresholds
    3. Award with CWE Below PA.
      MCA and BRAC: See Reporting/Approval of Scope & Cost Variations (Authorization).
      BRAC only: See Reporting/Approval of Cost Increases (Reprogramming) for process and notification thresholds

  6. The RIT will notify the MSC and GD and issue a directive and funding (as necessary), based on OACSIM direction.  The PDT will execute BTR or ATR processes as described in AR 420-1 and the FY08 Execution Guidance.
Process Owner: HQUSACE PID (Maryann Delaney/202-761-5775)
flow chart


Awarding Above PA Resp Matrix Who? Request Review Coord. Concur Approve
Geographic District Commander      
COS COS Pgm Mgr        
Installation DPW        
IMCOM Region Region Director        
HQ IMCOM          
Final-way ahead
USACE MSC MID Chief        
HQ USACE-RIT Mil Deputy        
Below Threshold Reprogramming
Up to 115% of PA or
$1.5M above PA
(whichever is less)
Up to 125% of PA or
$2M above PA
(whichever is less)
Above Threshold Reprogramming
Above 125% of PA or
$2M above PA
(whichever is less)