Directives for MT Projects

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Purpose:  This process describes how the total USACE team (HQ-RIT, MSC) provides project directives to the GD and all appropriate COSs. This enables the complete PDT team, Geographic District and COS(s), to be aware of project status.


  • HQ-RIT and MSC


  1. Directive initiator (RIT) accesses the Scope UM Report from the history report in CAPCES. Scope UM report prints the front page DD form 1391.

  2. RIT checks with ACSIM-ODC to confirm the pulled 1391 is the current version.

  3. HQ-RIT sets up project directive in DIRNET

  4. By placing the cursor over the Primary Facility description in Block 9, Cat Code is shown. This provides the primary facility cat codes for the project.

  5. When creating the directive, each person in the “to and info” drop down in the COS area has the cat code descriptions of areas of responsibilities.

  6. Cat codes can be added to the directive. Geographic District, COS(s) and MSC(s) can be added to the directive.

  7. HQ-RIT provides directive to MSC(s), Geographic District and COS(s).

Process Owner:  HQUSACE MT Program Manager (Ana Ortega/202-664-4252)
flow chart
flow chart