User Requested Change Approval

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Purpose: This process describes how the total Army team (GD, COS, MSC, HQ, Installation, IMCOM, and OACSIM) resolves scope issues. Situations that require adjustment to the awarded facility scope to meet a User requested change, are covered by this process.


  • OPORD 2008-21 (FY09 Military Programs Execution)
  • FY08 MCA/UMMCA/AFH/BRAC Execution Guidance Memo, 10 Apr 08
  • AR 420-1, Appendix F, Authority for Approval of Changes to MILCON Projects Funded by MCA, UMMCA, USAHFPA and AFH Appropriations


  1. After construction award, only the OACSIM can approve a User Requested (discretionary) change.

  2. Once a scope issue is discovered (revised Army Standard or User Requested change), the GD will notify the installation, COS Program Manager & MSC (Mil Integration Div). The GD submits cost/time impacts to the DPW in coordination with the COS(s). This submission will include the standard CWE spreadsheet and contain a list of all known pending changes and claims not yet approved. The MSC will notify the RIT of the potential User Requested Change (provide full cost/time impact documentation). The GD shall continue project execution using the original approved scope (as if the proposed user requested change does not exist) until formal approval is received from IMCOM/ACSIM.

  3. The installation DPW submits a User Requested Change request through the appropriate IMCOM Region. The IMCOM region will obtain ACOM/ASCC/DRU concurrence if the change affects mission facilities. The IMCOM Region Director will validate each request prior to forwarding to HQIMCOM. The validation must include an appropriate waiver to Army Standard if the change requested affects an Army Standard. See AR 420-1, App F for requirements.

  4. If request is supported, the IMCOM-region will submit the request to HQIMCOM.

  5. If the request is supported, HQIMCOM will endorse the package to OACSIM for approval.

  6. Concurrently, the RIT will notify the PID (National Account Mgr) of the issue and consult with OACSIM as required.

  7. OACSIM decides whether to officially approve the request for a user requested change for the project. Only a duly warranted contracting officer can award the actual modification that reflects the change.

  8. OACSIM notifies HQIMCOM and USACE RIT of decision.

  9. RIT notifies the PID, MSC & GD of decision. GD notifies the appropriate COS. HQIMCOM notifies IMCOM region and installation.

  10. If approved, the RIT issues a directive and funds to the GD/COS to execute the user requested change.

Process Owner:  HQUSACE PID (Maryann Delaney/202-761-5775)
flow chart


User Requested Change Approval
Resp Matrix
Who? Request Review Coord. Concur Approve
Geographic District PM/PDT      
COS COS Pgm Mgr      
Installation DPW        
IMCOM Region Region Director    
HQ IMCOM        
USACE MSC (GD) MID Chief        
HQ USACE - RIT          
HQ USACE - PID National Acct Mgr