Design Funds Dispute Resolution

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Purpose: This process describes how the Geographic District and the COSs resolve disagreements in the budgeting and distribution of P&D funds.

Responsibilities: The GD and COS are responsible to come to agreement on an equitable distribution of P&D funds. Because of HQ’s prior approval of the COS fee structure (USACE-COS-01), any dispute between the GD and COS in the amounts of P&D to be utilized should be resolved at the lowest level, with MSC intervention only on the rarest of occasions.


  • USACE-COS-01, Fee Structure
  • USACE-COS-02, Funds Transfer/Flow
  • USACE-COS-03, Roles of the Geographic District


  1. GD develops/updates P&D Obligation Plans quarterly. GD estimates the total P&D needed for new projects utilizing the COS Fee Structure SOP (USACE-COS-01) to estimate the P&D needed for COSs, and calculates the P&D needed to cover the Geographic District responsibilities such as site investigations and site design, etc. (USACE-COS-03)

  2. At the Project Kickoff Meeting, the GD and COS will review USACE-COS-01 and determine the P&D amounts to be distributed to the COS. While some negotiation may be needed between the GD and the COS, the purpose of the SOP is to simplify and expedite the P&D agreement process.

  3. If for some reason the GD does not agree, or does not fund the COS P&D funds as agreed, the issue will be raised to the DPMs at the respective Districts for resolution. In the rare case that the issue cannot be resolved at the District level, the issue will be raised to the MSC level for resolution. At that point, the MSCs (GD & COS MSCs) will be responsible for resolving the issue. The MSCs will communicate the resolution to the GD and the COS. The GD will document the agreed-upon P&D in the PMP and make the appropriate distribution of funds.

  4. The GD will track total P&D funds expended for analysis of trends and upward reporting.
Process Owner:
flow chart


Design Funds Dispute
Resolution Resp Matrix
Who? Request Review Coord. Approve
Geographic District PM (or DPM if needed)  
COS COS Pgm Mgr (or DPM if needed)    
USACE MSC COS & GD MID Chiefs      
(Final, if needed)