Project Planning Phase

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Project Planning Process:

flow chart

Kick Off Meeting:

Geographic District (Project Manager) shall conduct a Project Kick-Off meeting with all PDT members, to include the appropriate COS(s) based on Project Category Codes in the DD1391. This meeting shall be executed prior to the design charrette and allow the PDT to internally communicate and resolve any issues before assembling with the installation and/or MACOM customers. Agreements should be reached on the following discussion topics and documented in the Project Management Plan (PMP):

Review of DD1391 (project scope/PA)

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Scope of effort
    • Pre-Award Support from COS(s)
    • Post-Award Support from COS(s)
  • Schedule (COS and GD coordinate on forecast of award/RTA)
  • Budget
    • Pre-Award P&D Budget for GD/COS(s)
    • Post-Award P&D Budget for GD/COS(s)

Acquisition Strategy

    • Default Strategy:  Use of COS contracts for standard facilities, GD awards site/infrastructure contract
    • If consolidation of requirements (i.e. site work & facility construction awarded through a COS contract) is in the best interest of the project, COS Contracting shall notify both the GD & COS Regional PARCs.
    • All other variances from the default strategy will require a waiver (see “Waiver to Use of COS Contracts” process)

Change Management

Risk Management

Value Engineering

Sustainable Design and Development and EPACT2005 requirements

Communication Plan

The GD completes the PMP for entire project and obtains approval from the PDT (to include the COS members) and the District PMP approval authority.

If agreement cannot be reached within the PDT, then the specific waiver process maps shall be utilized.

Project Planning Process:

flow chart