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The MILCON Requirements, Standardization, and Integration(MRSI) site presents Military Construction policy, regulations, standards, and designs in order to provide the facility community with the tools they need to build and maintain the Army's vast facility infrastructure.


To learn about facilities standardization, please visit the COS pages. All supported facilities are listed, and where available, Army Standards and USACE Standard Designs have been uploaded and are available for download.

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MCA/AFH Code 2

The Army’s Code 2 process supports the programming and budget process in advance of budget lock. The PDR document is written, submitted, and reviewed within the MCA Code 2 Wizard. Starting with the FY26 MCA/AFH Program, this tool is also where the 35% Certification documents will be submitted and reviewed.

MCA/AFH Code 2

Model RFP

Through the use of curated content developed by USACE Subject Matter Experts, the Model RFP guides users in the development of Requests for Proposal (RFP). This helps ensure compliance with the latest policies, regulations, and best practices; improves quality; and reduces the time required to develop RFP.

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