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Parametric Design Report System

To access the new PDRS Wizard

  1. Create a account using your official work email account.
  2. Log into the Wizard using the link above.
  3. Then email Rachel M. Phillips or Amanda Weinert for project assignment (or PDT Members that already have access to the project).


  • Questions about your project or the PDR, contact Rachel or Amanda.
  • Tech support for the MRSI Wizard, contact the MRSI support team

Policy and Guidance

Army MILCON Code 2 Design Process and Procedures provides guidance, outlines the Code 2 process milestones and instructions for submitting PDR, 3086, and 35% Design Certification deliverables. Updated to include the ENG 3086 Instructions.

The ENG 3086 Instructions have been published. Download them separately or as part of the updated Army MILCON Code 2 Design Process and Procedures document above.

Very Late Add FY25 Projects: Supplemental guidance and timeline has been published

The PDR Desktop Reference is being provided so PDTs have a print of the sections and instructions for completion of the PDR for use outside the PDRS Wizard application. This is to be used as a guide during meetings and to inform the PDT on the information that will be required to complete the PDR in the PDRS Wizard application.

Previous FY Projects

Please note: For project(s) prior to FY25, please go to the classic PDRS Wizard. In order to log in to the classic PDRS Wizard application, you will still need to use a MRSI Wizard account just as before. If you do not have one and need to request a new MRSI account, please send an email to MRSI Support from the email address you wish to use as your account login (preferably a .mil or .gov address) and we will set one up for you.


This tool was developed by ERDC-CERL for HQ USACE. If you have questions about the software or the website, please email the MRSI support team.


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