About the Army MILCON Code 2 Process

The Army’s Code 2 process is intended to provide the information required to support the programming and budget process in advance of the budget lock for the upcoming Active Army (MCA) and Army Family Housing (AFH) MILCON program. The scope and cost validations completed as part of this process are the last opportunity to ensure that each project has the correct scope and budget estimate, and to put the Army in a posture to ensure successful program execution. The intent of taking the project to 35% Design is to ensure enough engineering design data has been incorporated into the project to develop an accurate scope and cost before the project is included in the Army’s Budget Estimate Submission (BES).

Policy and Guidance

Instructions for the Army MILCON Code 2 are specific to a project’s Fiscal Year. These instructions provide an outline of the Army’s Code 2 process, required deliverables, and instructions for submitting the PDR, ENG 3086, and 35% Design Certification Deliverables. The Instructions include Appendices with flowcharts/timelines, Points of Contact, Acronyms & Abbreviations, Example AE Scope of Work Verbiage, a PDR Desktop Reference (explains what’s required for each section of the PDR), the Acquisition Strategy Memo Template, ENG 3086 Instructions, and the DCA Assessment & Risk Neutral Estimate Guidance. Links to the documents are below in the Library. Additional guidance and templates can be found at the websites linked in the sidebar on the left side of the page.

MCA Code 2 on the MRSI Wizard

To Create a New MRSI Wizard Account:

  1. Create a Login.gov account using your official work email*.
  2. Log into the Wizard using this link (or the Wizard image to the left of this text).
  3. Then email the Code 2 Review Team for project assignment (or request access from PDT Members already assigned to the project).

• Please include Project Number, Project Location, and Project Title in the request.

*AE Firms: Extra step after an account is created: Send an email to the Code 2 Review Team with the firm's USACE POC included to confirm the need for project assignment. Please also include Project Number, Project Location, and Project Title in the request.


Process or Project Specific Questions: Contact the Code 2 Review Team.
Tech support for the MRSI Wizard: Contact the MRSI support Team.

Legacy Wizard

To access PDRs completed prior to FY25, please use the following link:
Legacy Wizard Pre-FY25


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FY26 Guidance & Templates3
FY27 Guidance & Templates3