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About the Centers of Expertise

The Engineering Regulation ER 11110-1-8158 defines the policy and process for establishing and maintaining expert designation under the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Centers of Expertise (CX) Program. The program provides an inventory of specialized knowledge and skills within USACE that can furnish beneficial and expert assistance to all USACE elements.

A Technical Center of Expertise (or TCX) is a USACE organization that has been approved by Headquarters, USACE (HQUSACE) as having a unique or exceptional technical capability in a specialized subject area that is beneficial to other USACE commands. The services to be rendered by a TCX are voluntary, advisory, and reimbursable.

A Mandatory Center of Expertise (or MCX) is a USACE organization that has been approved by HQUSACE as having a unique and exceptional technical capability in a highly specialized subject area that is critical to other USACE commands. A CX receives its designation as an MCX when one or more services provided by the CX are mandatory as defined in the specific Engineering Regulation. An MCX also must make a business case demonstrating its cost effectiveness, value and responsiveness are necessary above that needed for a TCX. An MCX must provide reasoning and justification for an MCX rather than a TCX during the initial approval process. Mandatory services to be rendered by an MCX are published in an ER specific to the MCX. Project delivery teams (PDTs) must utilize the services of the applicable MCX as required in the specific ER. These services may be reimbursable or centrally funded depending on the specific program.

Centers of Expertise Points of Contact

Timothy Paulus, PE
CX Program Manager
CoP Lead for Civil Works

USACE Headquarters
☎ (651) 528‑9457
Ms. Dawn Carney, PE
Chief of Fire Protection, Mechanical, Electrical & Control System Section
USACE Headquarters
Washington, DC
☎ (251) 656‑2167