Furnishings Program

Place of CenterHNC
Center POCs
ER NumberER 10-1-22
Publication Date of ER27 Nov 2018
Date of Activation1994
KeywordsInterior Design; Furnishings Program; Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment; Housing; Barracks; Admin Facilities; Army Family Housing


The U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville Furnishings Program procures administrative, barracks, lodging and educational furnishings for various federal agencies worldwide. The program is a full-service organization capable of providing project management, interior design, procurement, installation and quality assurance for all federal agencies’ furniture requirements.

Huntsville Center is also designated as the central manager of furnishings procurement for the Installation Management Command to oversee a cradle-to-grave concept and ensure that standardized furnishings are provided for all requirements. The Furnishings Program’s primary mission is to buy furnishings in accordance with customer requirements and to manage the delivery of those items to the new or renovated facility by the beneficial occupancy date.

Additional Resources

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CEHNC created the Standard FF&E Package for CDCs (Child Development Centers) which generated a requirement for standard furniture across all CDCs. For the Standard FF&E Package, please click the link: