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Subject Matter Experts

Subject MatterPOC
Aviation SystemsSusan Nachtigall
Building Information Modeling (BIM)Susan Nachtigall
Computer Aided Design (CAD)Susan Nachtigall
Planning CharrettesAmanda Weinert
Military Construction (MILCON)Susan Nachtigall
Military Business Process (MBP)Amanda Weinert
Model MILCON RFP DevelopmentPatrick Edwards
Model SRM RFP DevelopmentPatrick Edwards
Parametric Design Report (PDR/3086)Amanda Weinert
Training Range Design & ConstructionWilliam Stephenson / Susan Nachtigall
Range UXO RemovalWilliam Stephenson / Susan Nachtigall
Standards & CriteriaSusan Nachtigall
Stationing & Plans AnalysisAmanda Weinert
Installation PlansAmanda Weinert
Logistic FacilitiesRavin Howell / Susan Nachtigall
Operational FacilitiesJames Healy / Susan Nachtigall
Training FacilitiesSusan Nachtigall
Contingency Basing/ConstructionSusan Nachtigall
Support Facility Annex (SFA)Edward Murphy