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Child Development Center - Under 6 Years of Age

Functional ProponentG-9
Technical POCMichael Johnson
COS ManagerChris Robbins
Category Code(s)74017

Facility Information


A CDCU6 is used by the Army to support readiness of families by reducing the conflict between military mission workforce requirements and parental responsibilities. CDCU6 facilities covered in this standard were developed to support the needs of children 6 weeks – 5 years of age.


Facility Size Classification Number of Children Number of Staff ​Gross Building Area (SF) ​Playground Area (SF) ​Parking Spaces
Small​ ​126 ​28 15,850 16,667 59
Medium​ ​232 ​46 26,450 23,873 104
Large​ ​338 ​62 37,300 38,311 146


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