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MRSI Wizard Development

The MRSI Team continues to research and develop new technologies to support the MILCON community. Our current "Wizards" have supported USACE for nearly a decade. During this time we've made lots of improvements and supported new requirements to help the USACE and its partners improve the military construction program.

While we continue operate and maintain our current software, we've also been listening to your needs, wishes, and requirements. To that end, we're working on new software to help our customers, partners, and sponsors do more and do it more efficiently.

The future version of the MRSI applications will be a single, unified web application that is built using new, modern technologies, such as React, NestJS, and TypeScript.

The new MRSI Wizard will:

  • Be available to all users as a web application using your favorite web browser,
  • Consolidate all current applications under a single interface,
  • Be hosted in a government cloud,
  • Add new organizational and data sharing concepts,
  • Use government approved, cloud-hosted, two-factor authentication,
  • Enable users to preview the documents while they work on them,
  • Enable subject matter experts to quickly create and modify templates,
  • And much more!