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The RFP Wizard for MILCON D-B is an application for creating a Request For Proposal (RFP) using U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) approved Model RFP templates for new U.S. Army Military Construction (MILCON) Design-Build (D-B) projects.

The application was developed to simplify the RFP creation process and to ensure a standardized RFP is generated that is suitable for solicitation and is consistent with Army and USACE policy, regulation, Army Standards, and Standard Designs.

History of RFP Wizard

The years following the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) 2005 authorization saw a major surge in MILCON to accommodate base restructuring and accelerate transition to the Army Modular Force. Between Fiscal Years (FY) 2008 and 2013, more than $18 billion in construction had to be completed, requiring the Army to demand innovative, more efficient methods for facility delivery. During this time, the Army Staff (ARSTAF) and numerous members of USACE organizations collaborated to solve the intricate problems related to redesigning the MILCON process. One of the solutions that emerged was the standardization and automation of the RFP process.

The new process would ensure consistency and criteria compliance during design authoring and reviews, contract awards, and delivery of facilities. To support the new acquisition strategies, the Model Request for Proposal (Model RFP) template was created. The Model RFP is generated using a web-based tool called the RFP Wizard. The RFP Wizard is an interactive tool allowing individuals with MRSI accounts to enter data related to a specific project (utilities, layout, etc.) in order to determine the appropriate configurations and parameters for the unit. To insure inputted data remains within the required Standards, the RFP Wizard is programmed to prevent deviation from the standard design criteria.

The first version of the RFP Wizard launched in the fall of 2006, prior to the development of MRSI. The RFP Wizard was mandated by HQUSACE for use on all MILCON Transformation Design-Build projects in FY08. A new version of the RFP Wizard tool was developed in 2009. Over 500 RFP projects, with nearly 50 million square feet in scope, have been produced using the RFP Wizard tool.

Please Note: In order to log in to the MILCON D-B Wizard application, you will need a MRSI Wizard account. To request a MRSI account, please send an email to MRSI Support from the email address you wish to use as your account login (preferably a .mil or .gov address) and we will set one up for you.


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