AR 420-1 Waiver Process

Army Facilities Standardization Committee (AFSC)

Army Facilities Standardization Committee Org Chart

Army Standard Waiver Process

Army Standard Waiver Process Flow Chart

Timeline: Average processing time is 6 months

Standard Design Waiver Process

Standard Design Waiver Process Flow Chart

Purpose: Define the process that USACE team (GD, COS, MSC, HQ) use to review and approve proposed changes to a facility Standard Design (SD) prior to award.

Reference: AR 420-1 Army Facilities Management, Appendix G


  1. The Installation, User or GD identifies the need for waiver to the Standard Design. GD coordinates with the COS.
  2. The COS validates whether a Standard Design/Criteria waiver is required. If a waiver is not required, the PDT proceeds with the project.
  3. The Standard Design Waiver is reviewed for adverse impact to scope, cost, function or standard design. If there are no impacts, and the PDT and COS are in agreement, the COS completes approval document. A copy is provided to the HQUSACE MBP Manager. If the PDT and COS are NOT in agreement or adverse impacts will be incurred, the waiver package follows steps 4 thru 6 for resolution.
  4. The GD will forward the waiver package to the MSC for endorsement; the Waiver Request including a COS Position statement will be forwarded to the HQUSACE MBP Manager.
  5. The MBP Manager will coordinate with the FDT and COS. Final recommendation will be provided to the HQUSACE DCG-MIO. The DCG-MIO will make final approval of the Standard Design Waiver request.
  6. DCS G-9, IMCOM, the Installation, MSC, GD, and COS will be advised of the HQUSACE decision ASAP. The COS will assess approved waiver for possible permanent change to the current Standard Design/Criteria.

Draft Waiver Template: See Waiver Concurrence form in the Library below.