MSC Program Manager:Brandon Martin
MSC Technical Lead / Co-Chair:Mary Foutz
HQ USACE Proponent:Tim Gordon
ERDC Liaison:Dale Herron

About Commissioning

Welcome to the Commissioning Web Page. This page has been set up as a collaborative environment to share commissioning questions, concerns, and lessons learned with the Engineering & Construction and Programming communities. The content will be updated periodically to address latest successes, review and interpret new mandates or address shared challenges, such as enhanced commissioning, building envelope leakage testing, and latest LEED requirements.

The ultimate goal of this community forum is to turn over newly constructed buildings that operate as designed based on Owners Project Requirements (OPR) and to improve efficiencies of existing buildings. USACE has a variety of interdisciplinary engineers, architects and construction professionals that bring their experience with commissioning to this forum. USACE has professionals credentialed in Commissioning by AEE, ASHRAE and NEBB. Please feel free to share and send any questions or information to ​​or start a thread in the Commissioning Discussion below. We have added some guidance documents to the page on the right and will update it periodically.


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