Sustainability in Contingency

Sustainability in Contingency

MSC Program Manager Dan Lyons
MSC Technical Lead / Co-Chair Dale Hartmann
HQ USACE Proponent Zenovia Wilcox
ERDC Liaison Kurt Kinnevan

About Sustainability in Contingency

The Center of Standardization (CoS) for Contingency Designs 

The CoS is responsible for:

The CoS accomplishes these responsibilities through:

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Research & Services

The Branch does not execute research. Services offered is the complete design of structures in a contingency environment, review of existing designs, maintenance of existing designs to incorporate new building codes, and structure cost estimating. Furthermore, Base Camp designs exist to assist Field Commanders in their decision making process.
Contingency design uses standard USACE design tools to create designs. With stakeholder, input designs are modified to create better products. DD1391 have been created to assist Field Commanders and accelerate the construction process. Additionally, standard Base Camp designs give insight to Field Commanders to ensure proper sizing.

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