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Sustainability in Contingency

MSC Program Manager:Dan Lyons
MSC Technical Lead / Co-Chair:Dale Hartmann
HQ USACE Proponent:Edward Citzler
ERDC Liaison:Kurt Kinnevan

About Sustainability in Contingency

The Center of Standardization (CoS) for Contingency Designs

The CoS is responsible for:

Development and review of Army designs for semi-permanent facilities as defined in UFC 1-201-01

Ensuring that alterations to semi-permanent designs comply with UFC 1-201-01

Being an active participant in the design process for semi-permanent designs not overseen by the CoS

Creation of functional spaces for various missions within standard exterior envelopes

Maintaining lines of communication with Combatant Command Engineer staffs

The CoS accomplishes these responsibilities through:

breaking the custom design paradigm

facilitating creation of Joint/Army semi-permanent design standards

being Army’s design agent for ALL semi-permanent facilities

developing semi-permanent base camp layout utilizing semi-permanent standard designs

archiving legacy semi-permanent designs from Iraq and Afghanistan

conceptualizing and designing all semi-permanent facilities for base camps

creating innovative construction solutions for customers

To see if the CoS has a design solution for your requirements, complete the checklist and contact

Click here to see Non Permanent Army Facility Standards or scroll down to Library.

Research & Services

The Branch does not execute research. Services offered is the complete design of structures in a contingency environment, review of existing designs, maintenance of existing designs to incorporate new building codes, and structure cost estimating. Furthermore, Base Camp designs exist to assist Field Commanders in their decision making process. Contingency design uses standard USACE design tools to create designs. With stakeholder, input designs are modified to create better products. DD1391 have been created to assist Field Commanders and accelerate the construction process. Additionally, standard Base Camp designs give insight to Field Commanders to ensure proper sizing.

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