Construction Waste Diversion and Mitigation

MSC Program Manager:Jeanette Fiess
MSC Technical Lead / Co-Chair:Ned Shepherd
HQ USACE Proponent:Edward Citzler
ERDC Liaison:Giselle Rodriguez

About Construction Waste Diversion and Mitigation

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This program is devoted to conservation and recycling

Energy Policy Act of 2005

Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007

Executive Order 13693: Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade

Research & Services

Team members of the NWD RTCX are available to provide support to Project Delivery Teams (PDT) on a reimbursable basis. This support can come in the form of training (see Knowledge Sharing paragraph in the NWD Work Plan), technical consultation on projects (Example: Reviewing air barrier and building envelope construction details), supporting tasks (providing integral project support to PDTs), and design as PDT member (serve as designer of record).

Outreach events - Speaking about Hydropower, Air Barriers, and Waste at events for government, private industry, and others

Training - Develop and provide training on current and evolving technologies and sustainable strategies

Specifications Development - Assist with specification development on a per-project basis

Project Design - Act as the Designer of Record, providing completed product to be integrated into project

Construction Support - Inspections and evaluations of projects in construction

Documentation Review - Provide reviews of design and construction documents

Please contact Jeanette Fiess at for more information about direct project support.


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