Solar Photovoltaic

MSC Program Manager:Lori Arakawa
MSC Technical Lead / Co-Chair:John Parrish and Thomas Sessa
HQ USACE Proponent:Edward Citzler
ERDC Liaison:Bill Stein

About Solar Photovoltaic

The Solar Photovoltaic Center of Expertise (Solar PV CXS) helps USACE evaluate and implement the use of Solar PV energy technologies towards the Federal Government clean energy goals and net zero initiatives. The center is increasing Solar PV energy expertise and capabilities across USACE for solar PV energy projects. The Solar PV CXS website includes technical guidance and information. For questions or comments, please email

Research & Services

The Solar PV CXS provides technological input and review services for PV criteria such as renewable energy UFC’s and UFGS’s involving Solar power. The Solar PV CX can review your design project, or help troubleshoot field construction problems, if you would like that support. The Solar PV CX collaborates with CERL, NREL, INL and DUPONT and other manufacturers, to research and obtain the latest information on Solar PV technology.


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