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LED Lighting Webinar

Presented By David Venhaus and Mark Allen

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Topic: Lighting Trends & New Technology

Speaker: David Venhaus, Senior Lighting Solutions Specialist, Hubbell Lighting

Host: Eric Mucklow, Building Technology Program Manager, HQ USACE

Series Coordinator: Kelli Polzin, HQ USACE

New technologies and new advancements are resulting to major change in the lighting industry. keeping up with the pace of change is becoming more and more difficult, requiring continual focus on the change occurring. This course focus on controls, LEDs, and shifts in market to retrofit and relight as some of the most significant areas of change in the lighting industry. Objectives include:

  • Analyze current lighting market and the factors changing dynamics of market.
  • Discuss controls and LEDs as major forces of change in the lighting market.
  • Examine growth and growth potential of LEDs and controls.
  • Analyze the shift in the past years from a market of new construction to a market of relight and retrofit.

Our presenter, David Venhaus joined Hubbell Lighting as Senior Solutions Specialist in July of 2015 after spending 15 years developing LED based illumination systems for automotive, aerospace, marine, portable, outdoor area lighting and high end interior applications. As the primary resource for LED related information in the Lighting Solutions Center, David is charged with staying in front of the ever-changing trends and concepts related to LED technology and conveying that information to customers. Prior to joining Hubbell Lighting David was founder and president of his own optics company. David has also served as Director of Lighting Technology and held positions in optical and application engineering in various industries. David holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology from the Milwaukee School of Engineering and has been awarded multiple patents on LED based lighting systems.