Managing the Risk of Innovation - Federal Center South

Please join us for the Managing the Risk of Innovation - Federal Center South Webinar Presented by Charles Chaloeicheep and Nathan Gregory

The green building movement is generating new ways of thinking about the design, construction and operation of buildings. With greater emphasis on seemingly competing demands of budget, design excellence and stringent requirements for high performance design, the stakes to demonstrate that performance is realized in operation are higher than ever before. The use of post-occupancy measurement and verification (M&V) to verify a building’s performance is increasingly popular and has become enshrined in a range of codes and standards, including LEED. The theory is simple – obtain the metered performance data from operational projects, and compare the results to expectations to see if the two line up.

This discussion will detail how this process was integrated into the Federal Center South Project - the U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers Seattle District Headquarters. From the outset, the building’s form, dimension, and organization were shaped by this EUI target (30% below ASHRAE 90.1 2007 benchmark), guaranteed by the project team. But with almost $350,000 on the line, how did the building actually perform?

This presentation investigates performance guarantees and the prospect of a design-build-operate delivery approach. We will cover the practically and the lessons learned from Federal Center South, including:
- The implications of working to an energy performance contract
- The differences between energy modeling for code purposes and that required to truly predict operational energy
- When to consider measurement and verification and the importance of the measurement and verification plan
- Energy responsibilities within the building

Our presenter: Charles Chaloeicheep has a strong engineering background and holds a professional engineers license in both civil and mechanical engineering. He has worked on projects around the world and believes that high performance is best achieved through simple, thoughtful solutions that drive down energy and water usage while improving occupant comfort and connectivity. He is excited to be part of the clean energy movement and looks forward to a future free of fossil fuels.

These webinars are free to attend. Although they are not restricted and open to the public, they do not represent official positions or endorsement by USACE or the Army.

The webinar will be available after Tuesday, April 19, 2016

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