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Metering by Design

Presented By Phil Rector, Mark Allen, and Raul Alonso

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, March 08, 2016

"Metering By Design" explores the evolving environment of utility metering programs through the presentation of metering hardware, software, communications infrastructure, system maintenance, and information assurance. Case studies will used to illustrate the best practices and challenges of deploying and maintaining complex federal utility metering solutions.

Our new presenter, Mr. Rector is an expert in the Power and Energy Management field with over 27 years of experience that spans energy systems sales, engineering management, offer marketing, and product line management. Currently, he serves as the Manager for the National Solution Sales covering the space of Enterprise Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS), helping customers convert their energy data into information they can take action on to save big money. Customers in this space include The Pentagon, Texas A&M, Healthcare Corporation of America, US General Services Administration, The NAVY-DOD, Air Force-DOD, Department of Energy-DOE(Oak Ridge National Labs, the EPA). His tenure with Schneider Electric also includes 11 years of directing a global portfolio of Energy Management Software (EnMS) solutions.

These webinars are free to attend. Although they are not restricted and open to the public, they do not represent official positions or endorsement by USACE or the Army.