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Presented By Jack McCollister, Mechanical Engineer, USACE Hydroelectric Design Center

Broadcast Date: Friday, September 22, 2017

Abstract: This Microhydro webinar is intended to provide participants some familiarity with the topic of small-scale hydropower. The course will introduce the basics of microhydro equipment, the fundamentals of assessing sites for microhydro potential, and an overview of the process of executing a microhydro installation project. Discussion will cover both the technical and non-technical considerations involved in microhydro site feasibility analyses, as well as a brief overview of the economics involved in scoping a microhydro installation project. The webinar content largely reflects what is presented in the Microhydro Technote, and will include a description of some of the small hydro feasibility analyses with which the Hydroelectric Design Center (HDC) has been involved. Through participation in this webinar, the audience should gain an appreciation for:

  1. The various classes and types of equipment used for microhydro
  2. The conditions under which the different types of microhydro equipment may be employed
  3. The approach to assess a site for its microhydro feasibility
  4. Sample costs, risks, and time frames inherent in a microhydro installation project

Jack McCollister is a mechanical engineer who works for the Corps' Hydroelectric Design Center (HDC). Jack has worked in this capacity for three years, and his work has been related both to the rehabilitation of Corps-owned hydropower plants as well as to inquiries and investigations related to small hydro.