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Net Zero Energy Installation Plans for Europe

Presented By Mark Moszak, Patricia Donohue, and Rich Gifaldi

Broadcast Date: Friday, September 26, 2014

The Europe district of the US Army Corps of Engineers has been working with a Master Planning effort since 2011 and by the end of this calendar year will have successfully completed over 10 net-zero installation plans which includes energy audits, benchmarking (EnEV), and a strategic action plan to identify and reach the target energy intensity unit for the entire installation.

The comprehensive installation action plans will: -Project efficiency and renewable audit opportunities installation-wide, -Perform payback savings analysis, -Perform savings investment analysis, -Establish an installation-wide building opportunity strategy, -Identify Installation EUI and WUI reduction trends and renewable enhancement trends.

The process not only combines level 2 ASHRAE audits of a million square feet or more, but also results in the development of project programming documents for implementation of ECMs (4283 Project Sheets developed) and distributed renewable opportunities on the audited buildings. The plan is also supported by a Sustainable Framework Plan that looks at master planning through the net zero lens of Alternative Transportation, Green Infrastructure and Renewable Energy resources.

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