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The Center of Standardization (CoS) for Nonpermanent Facilities

 The CoS is responsible for:

  • Development and review of Army designs for temporary and semi-permanent facilities as defined in UFC 1-201-01
  • Ensuring that alterations to designs comply with UFC 1-201-01
  • Being an active participant in the design process for designs not overseen by the CoS
  • Instruction of FEST curricula regarding UFC 1-201-01, 1-201-02 and 1-202-01
  • Creation of functional spaces for various missions within standard exterior envelopes
  • Maintaining lines of communication with Combatant Command Engineer staffs
  • Coordination with the CoS for Contingency Design is mandatory per ECB No. 2016-18 paragraph 5. a.

The CoS accomplishes these responsibilities through:

  • breaking the custom design paradigm
  • facilitating creation of Joint/Army design standards
  • being Army’s design agent for ALL temporary and semi-permanent facilities
  • developing base camp layout utilizing standard designs
  • conceptualizing and designing all facilities for base camps
  • creating innovative construction solutions for customers

Full Service 3D Printing and High Resolution 3D modeling/animation

  • To scale interactive 3D models of facilities, layouts, Masterplans, awards, etc.


Click on Image to view CoS Catalog (updated Feb19)



 Click above Image for a copy of the latest COS NP Design Builder (Updated Jan19)

To see if the CoS has a design solution for your requirements, complete the checklist and contact tcxcosmed@usace.army.mil

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ECB No. 2016-18  1
Non-Permanent Army Facility Standards  30
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