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COS Manager: Chris Robbins

The U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville, is known for the support it provides to Army-wide missions.


The U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville provides technical expertise and innovative engineering solutions in support of U.S. forces, their families and the nation. Huntsville’s more than 900 employees manage a $2.8 billion annual budget to support a very diverse global customer base that includes USACE divisions and districts, federal agencies and military installations worldwide. Huntsville Center was activated in October 1967 as the Huntsville Division with its sole mission being the Sentinel ballistic-missile defense program. Since that time, the center’s mission has evolved and diversified significantly to include installation support, energy, ordnance and explosives, chemical demilitarization, engineering, and environmental programs.

Huntsville Center is USACE’s mandatory center of expertise for the Army range and training lands program; electronic security systems; medical facilities; environmental and munitions; and utility monitoring and control systems. The center is also home to many technical centers of expertise: industrial control systems cyber security; energy savings performance contracting; facility systems safety; heating, ventilation and air conditioning; installation support; facilities reduction; facilities repair and renewal; centralized furnishings; and operation and maintenance engineering enhancement. In addition, Huntsville Center is assigned 16 centers of standardization facility types in the following categories: medical facilities; child and family services; sports and fitness facilities; fire and emergency facilities; and training ranges.

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