Central Issue Facility

Functional ProponentDCS, G4
Technical POCJavier Fano
COS ManagerMatt Milliorn
Category Code(s)44227

The CIF provides a single point for receipt, storage, issue, exchange, and return of all authorized organizational clothing and individual equipment items at the specified United States Army Installation.


Central Issue Facilities are warehouse type buildings that are provided as support structure for training complexes.CIF facilities provide storage capabilities combined with office space, used in the administration of processes and materials involved to issue equipment on as as-needed basis to soldiers. The functional and operational requirements of the CIF design are based on the characteristics of the material being handled and stored, the volume and flow pattern through the facility, and the inventory patterns.Therefore, the overall building design and configurations will vary as required to meet project specific requirements. All facility types will meet DOD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings, latest edition.The administration areas and the distribution areas shall be separated. The waiting area for the personnel should accommodate 160 to 240 soldiers at a time and the processing time for each brigade may be up to 4 hours.


The size of the CIF is determined by the number of brigades it supports, and may vary from small units of 25,000 square feet to larger units of 45,000 square feet or more. Generally, CIF units do not store and supply weapons and munitions. A model 1391 template is NOT provided for the CIF.Because there are so many variables in determining the configuration for a CIF, the room-by-room analysis (posted as a separate document) should be consulted for the most appropriate guidance in designing these facilities.


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