Initial Entry Training Chapels

Functional ProponentOTC
Technical POCAskelon Parker
COS ManagerMatt Hebert
Category Code(s)73017


The IET Type Chapel Facility features a Worship Center (sanctuary) with regular seating for 1428 persons. The Worship Center can support a great range of worship and gathering activities and includes a raised platform for the pulpit, religious ceremonies and presentations. It also includes an integrated baptistery suite capable of accommodating multiple full-immersion baptisms. The Worship Center will be capable of high quality audio/visual presentations, which are an integral part of the contemporary worship experience.

Other key spaces include multi-purpose rooms for worship and military community use that include a range of sizes and features to support medium or large gatherings. Supporting systems include utility monitoring and control systems (UMCS), communications, information systems, utilities, emergency, fire protection, life safety, security systems, and site improvements. Accessibility, sustainability, anti-terrorism, and force protection measures are also included.


There are no variations of this standard design.


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