Youth Center

Functional ProponentG-9
Technical POCMichael Johnson
COS ManagerChris Robbins
Category Code(s)74066


Youth Centers (YC) are designed primarily for use by middle school youth (ages 11-15) and teens (ages 16-18). These facilities provide safe, supervised, healthy, accountable and age-appropriate activities for youth and teens. The YC supports opportunities for youth and teens to develop their physical, educational, social, recreational, and emotional needs. The Army Standards for YC are based on Army Baseline Standards and Department of Defense requirements for certification.


Facility Size Classification Number of Children Number of Staff ​Gross Building Area (SF) ​Playground Area (SF) ​Parking Spaces
Small​ ​60-90 ​12 18,756 113,400 95
Medium​ 105-135 ​16 20,969 113,400 110
Large​ ​150-180 ​20 24,795 113,400 125


Army Standards1
DD1391 Templates9
Example Projects0
Misc. Docs (VE, LCCA, LEED, etc...)10
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