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Physical Fitness Center

Functional ProponentG-9
Technical POCRoss Allen
COS ManagerJerry Haley
Category Code(s)74028


A PFC is for the physical training, conditioning, and recreation of military personnel, authorized civilians, and their family members. The facility includes one or more of the following functional modules:

  • Fitness Module (Cardiovascular, Circuit, and Free-Weight areas)
  • Exercise Module (Exercise room for exercise classes)
  • Structured Activity Module (Racquetball, Combatives, Climbing Wall, Indoor Cycling, Functional Fitness, Small Group Fitness, and/or Sauna/Steam Room)
  • Gymnasium Module
  • Indoor Jogging Track


Facility Size Classification Authorized Population Served ​Gross Building Area (SF)
X-Small​ ​251-1,000 ​26,930
Small​ ​1,001-3,000 ​45,710
Medium​ 3,001-6,000 ​66,370
Large​ ​6,001-10,000 ​90,200
Increments ​+5,000 over 10,000 ​24,340

There are mandatory modules that must be provided in the PFC. However, within the areas above, a Structured Activity Module is provided which provides installations the ability to select functions to support their programs.

In addition, a Natatorium may be programmed to be built as part of the PFF. The three most common sizes of Natatoriums are 12,869 square feet for a 25 yard, 8 lane pool; 16,560 square feet a 25 meter by 25 yard pool; and 28,890 square feet for a 50 meter by 25 yard pool.


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