Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility

Functional ProponentDCS, G-4
Technical POCSara Murphy
COS ManagerJeff Stein
Category Code(s)21410 (21412, 21470, 45210, and 85210)


The TEMF Army Standard Design defines an entire complex of facilities for the maintenance, repair, deployment, mission planning/rehearsal, training, and sustainment of equipment assigned to a unit other than aircraft. It defines space and equipment to maintain vehicles and associated equipment for all levels of maintenance below depot level for TOE/TDA equipment. Typical operations within the primary vehicle maintenance shop (VMS) within the TEMF complex include inspection, lubrication, preventive maintenance, diagnostic analysis, welding, body work, replacement of direct exchange systems, mobile maintenance team support, replacement of major components, repair of emission control system, performance of body and frame repair, and administration and scheduling of vehicle use and maintenance. The TEMF Standard Design is also applicable for other 214-, 218-, and 219-series facilities as further defined within the document; and it includes requirements for Organizational Storage Building / Distribution Company Storage Building / Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Storage Building (21412), POL Storage Building / Hazardous Waste Storage Building (21470), Distribution Company Secure Open Storage (45210), and Organizational Vehicle Parking (85210). This Standard Design applies to Active and Reserve Component TEMFs (when fielded as stand alone, dedicated facilities) on Army installations, with the exception of facilities intended for Operational Readiness Training, which is addressed by a separate Standard Design.


  • Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility – FCC 21410
    • Small Vehicle Maintenance Shop – Total: 18,800 GSF (Previously 18,000 GSF until FY-13)
    • Medium Vehicle Maintenance Shop – Total: 36,000 GSF (Previously 35,290 GSF until FY-13)
    • Large Vehicle Maintenance Shop – Total: 58,200 GSF (Previously 57,031 GSF until FY-13)
    • X-Large Vehicle Maintenance Shop – Total: 76,200 GSF (Previously 74,688 GSF until FY-13)
  • Organizational Vehicle Parking – FCC 85210 – Authorized Scope Per RPLANS (SY)
  • Org Veh Parking Power & Data Conduit System – FCC 85210 – Authorized Scope Per RPLANS (SY)
  • Organizational Storage Bldg – FCC 21412 (formerly 44224) – Authorized Scope Per RPLANS (SF)
  • Petroleum, Oil, & Lubricants (POL) Storage Bldg – FCC 21470 – Authorized Scope Per RPLANS (SF)
  • Hazardous Waste Storage Bldg – FCC 21470 – Authorized Scope Per RPLANS (SF)
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Storage Bldg – FCC 21412 (formerly 21115) – 1800 GSF
  • Distribution Company Storage Bldg w/Bins – FCC 21412 (formerly 44220) – 8000 GSF
  • Distribution Company Secure Open Storage – FCC 45210 – 445 SY


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